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  • 29 October 2015

    On October 28, 2015 Ambassador of Poland Marek Jeziorski with Spouse laid a wreath at the monument of Professor Stanisław Zuber in Kuçova.

    Professor Stanislaw Zuber’s great discoveries and deep studies in the field of Albanian geology made in the 30s and 40s of XX century gave to Albania the foundation for the development of geological sciences and mining industry, including crude oil. Thanks to his research Kuçova became one of major oil production and economic centers of Albania.

    Professor Stanisław Zuber was tortured to death in Albanian communist prison (1947) and after democratic transitions in both countries became the symbol of close Polish-Albanian relations. Kuçova’s authorities granted to him the honorary citizenship of their city, and the President of the Republic of Albania posthumously awarded him the highest state decoration – the Order of Mother Teresa.


    The Prof. Zuber’s monument was created by eminent Albanian sculptor Mumtas Dhrami, awarded by Poland’s Foreign Minister with “Bene Merito” distinction. Mumtas Dhrami is also the author of bas relieve of Tadeusz Mazowiecki opened in Tirana in 2015 (vide “Great Poles in Albania” & “Honoured by Poland”).

    During a visit to Kuçova Poland’s Ambassador had a meeting with the city authorities, which expressed their satisfaction with the very good cooperation with the Embassy of Poland in Tirana.

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